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1 Senda, M., J. Takeda, S. Abe and T. Nakamura. Induction of cell
fusion of plant protoplasts by electrical stimulation. Plant Cell Physiology 20:
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isolated Nitella expansa protoplasts as compared with their intact cells.
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cytoskeleton in electrofusion of plant protoplasts. Plant Physiology 81: 1151-
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dielectrophoresis, and electrofusion of barley protoplasts. Plant Physiology 87:
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9 Abe, S. and J. Takeda. Promotion by calcium ions and cytochalasin
D of the rounding
up process (spherulation) of electrofused barley protoplasts
and its relation to the cytoskeleton. Journal@of Experimental Botany 40: 819-
826 (1989).

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