Molecular Cell Biology( 応用生命化学セミナー)試験  H10.10.9
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1.  Molecular cell biology is a perspective on living systems that arose from the 
union of three other disciplines: biochemistry, genetics, and anatomical cell biology.   
We present here the scope of the subject and begin to lay the groundwork for 
understanding the synthesis represented by molecular cell biology.  In this task, it 
is important to emphasize both the elements of the more classical disciplines that 
relate to the new synthesis and some of the methodologies that underlie 
contemporary understanding in the field.

2. Proteins, the working molecules of a cell, carry out the program of activities 
encoded by genes.  This program requires the coordinated effort of many different 
types of proteins: some build the structure of the cell, while others process 
materials by catalyzing intracellular or extracellular chemical reactions.  These 
vital functions are so entwined in the physiology of cells that it is difficult to think of 
any cell activity that does not involve proteins; perhaps there are none.
Note:  entwine(vt):  からみあわせる。 entwine... in--: -- に...をからみあわせる