CJ Staiger, F Baluka, D Volkmann, P Barlow: Editors

(2000) Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

  1. Richard B Meagher, Elizabeth C McKinney & Muthugapatti K Kandasamy: The significance of diversity in the plant actin gene family: Studies in Arabidopsis.
  2. Stefanie Reichelt & John Kendrick-Jones: Plant myosins: An overview.
  3. Etsuo Yokota & Teruo Shimmen: Characterization of native actin-binding proteins from pollen: Myosin and the actin-bundling proteins, 135-ABP and 115-ABP.
  4. Bryan C Gibbon & Christopher J Staiger: Profilin.
  5. David R Kovar & Christopher J Staiger: Actin depolymerizing factor.
  6. David W McCurdy & Christopher J Staiger: Fimbrin.
  7. Heike Winter & Steven C Huber: Sucrose metabolism and the actin cytoskeleton: SuSy as actin-binding protein. 
  8. Bratislav Stankovic, Amy Clore, Shunnosuke Abe, Brian Larkins & Eric Davies: Actin in protein synthesis and protein body formation.
  9. David A. Collings & Nina S. Allen: Cortical actin interacts with the plasma membrane and microtubules. 
  10.  Franz Grolig & Elisabeth Pierson: Cytoplasmic streaming: From flow to track.
  11.   Irene K Lichtscheidl & Frantiek Baluka: Actin-based motility of endoplasmic reticulum in plant cells.
  12. . Shingo Takagi: Roles for actin filaments in chloroplast motility and anchoring.
  13.  Ursula Lutz-Meindl & Diedrik Menzel: Actin and cytomorpohogenesis in the giant, single-celled green algae Acetabularia and Micrasterias.
  14.   Markus Braun & Geoffrey Wasteneys: Actin in characean rhizoids and protonemata: Tip growth, cell division and gravity sensing.
  15.   Ilse Foissner & Geoffrey Wasteneys: Actin in characean internodal cells: Morphogenesis, wounding and actin microtubule interactions.
  16.   I Brent Heath: Organization and functions of actin in hyphal tip growth.
  17. .  Hai Li & Zhenbiao Yang: Rho GTPases and the actin cytoskeleton.
  18.   Luis Vidali & Peter K Hepler: Actin in pollen and pollen tubes.
  19.   Benjamin N Snowman, Anja Geitmann, Anne Mie C Emons & Vernonica E Franklin-Tong: Actin rearrangements in pollen tubes are stimulated by the self-incompatibility (S) response in Papaver rhoeas L.
  20.  Laura Zonia: The actin cytoskeleton during differentiation of microspores to mature pollen: The dynamic reorganization of actin arrays functions to integrate development.
  21. . Anne Mie Emons & Norbert de Ruijter: Actin: A target for signal transduction in root hairs.
  22. .  Dan Szymanski: The role of actin during Arabidopsis trichome morphogenesis.
  23.   Ann L Cleary: Actin in formation of stomatal complexes.
  24.   Jae-Ung Hwang, Soon-Ok Eun & Youngsook Lee: Structure and function of actin filaments in mature guard cells.
  25.   Anne-Catherine Schmit: Actin during mitosis and cytokinesis: Structure and function of the F-actin cytoskeleton.
  26.   Frantiek Baluka, Peter Barlow & Dieter Volkmann: Actin and myosin VIII in developing root cells.
  27. Frank Waller, Qi-Yan Wang & Peter Nick: Actin and signal-controlled cell elongation in coleoptiles.
  28. Robyn Overall, Rosemary White, Leila Blackman & Janine Radford: Actin and myosin in
  29.   B Gail McLean & Patricia C Zambryski: Interactions between viral movement proteins and the cytoskeleton. 
  30.   Gloria K Muday: Interactions between the actin cytoskeleton and an auxin transport protein.
  31.   Dieter Volkmann & Franti?ek Balu?ka: Actin cytoskeleton related to gravisensing in higher plants. 
  32.   Issei Kobayashi & Yuhko Kobayashi: Plant actin cytoskeletal responses to attack and invasion by pathogenic fungi.
  33.   Nigel J. Chaffey & Peter W. Barlow: Actin in the secondary vascular system of woody plants.
  34.   Elison Blancaflor & Karl Hasenstein: Methods for detection and identification of F-actin in fixed and permeabilized plant tissues. 
  35.   Stanislav Vitha, Franti?ek Balu?ka, Jan Jasik, Dieter Volkmann & Peter Barlow: Steedman's wax for F-actin visualization. 
  36.   Benedikt Kost, Pius Spielhofer, Jaideep Mathur, Chun-Hai Dong & Nam-Hai Chua: Non-invasive F-actin visualization in living plant cells using a GFP-mouse talin fusion protein.

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