GMO/Meat, Milk and Eggs

Addresses: All government approved European corn borer resistant and herbicide tolerant proteins contained in biotech crops. CryIA, Glufosinate and Glyphosate proteins


DuPont, Pioneer and Optimum support rigorous testing and regulatory safeguards that consider both human health and environmental protection.

·      A comprehensive, rigorous assessment of products developed with new technology validates that GMO products are safe.

·  The testing for GMO products, both voluntary and mandated, is more thorough than for any other plant genetic products on the market. We support this testing. (USDA, EPA and FDA)

· The regulatory system in the U.S. has an excellent track record for a safe food supply.

· We voluntarily conduct safety assessments at the earliest stages of product concept and development, before mandatory regulatory testing.

·  We test products before, during and after commercialization.

· Internationally, we adhere to the regulatory systems in place.


·   Biotech has allowed us to know as much or more about these proteins than those currently in plant products.

· We are committed to working closely with interested parties to openly discuss the issues.


The safety of these specific proteins:

· These proteins are from sources with no history of toxicity or allergenicitygy.

· These proteins do not resemble known toxins or allergens.

·   These proteins are expressed at low levels when major allergens are usually found in large amounts.

·   Protein safety was confirmed by the lack of adverse effects in mice that were fed 100X the level of routine consumption.


Voluntary Testing

·   We voluntarily conduct safety assessments at the earliest stages of product concept and development, before mandatory regulatory testing, and after product commercialization.


Studies show that animals perform in a comparable manner when fed feedstuffs from biotech cropscorn  products as compared to feedstuffs from conventional cropscorn products.

·        Nutritional composition of biotech crops is the same as conventional crops.

·   263 animal feeding studies using biotech crops corn have been completed or are in progress. The results have been or will be shared publicly.

(Should we add more on studies showing amount/quality of milk, feed intake, grazing, etc?)


Feed performance studies confirm that biotech corn products are nutritionally equivalent to conventional corn for livestock feed.


Proteins from these traits have not been detected in meat or milk other animalproducts.

Research to date shows no evidence of these proteins in meat or other animal products.

Animal digestive systems are a hostile environment that degrades DNA and most proteins.

Theto peptides and amino acidsand peptides.

DNA detection technology is so sensitive that unless rigorous procedures are followed during sampling and analysis, the data generated could lead to false is the case with other proteins.

Unless rigorous protocols are followed during sampling and analysis, DNA technology is so sensitive that contamination of the sample may lead to detection.

DNA and proteins are present in all plant material and part of diet. (Do we want to include this??)

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