Tesco Withdraws Organic Mushrooms


Supermarket giant Tesco has taken all its organic mushrooms off the shelves after routine tests showed the "possible presence" of the deadly E.coli virus.

   Customers are warned not to eat organic mushrooms bought from the store after a preliminary test found the possibility of there being E.coli O157 in a 200g pack with the display date of May 10.

  Tesco says it is a "strong possibility" that Belgian manure infected the mushrooms, which came from a supplier in Northern Ireland.

Spokesman Alan McLaughlin says: "As a precaution we have withdrawn all organic mushrooms from our stores. In situations like this we don't take chances."

The supermarket will not stock organic mushrooms until full tests on the suspect pack, due to be completed in two days' time, confirm or rule out the presence of the bug, he says.

The Food Standards Agency warns: "Any consumers who have purchased organic mushrooms from Tesco should  not eat them."


>Date: 15 May 2000 20:54:28 -0000

>Subject: Tesco Withdraws Organic Mushrooms

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