Section of Medical Applications



     We sometimes find interesting genes or proteins in various organisms, such as plants and lower vertebrates.  In some cases, these are also found in human.    Thus, we study human genetics and evolutions of these novel genes and proteins.   We are currently working on two such subjects.    Those are also related to carcinogenesis.

Obatake K, Fukuda T, Morishita R, Abe S,  Asakawa S, Ymaguchi S, Yoshino M, Ihara K, Muryama K, Shigemoto KShimizu N, and Kondo I.  Human biotin-containing subunit of 3-methylcrotonyl-CoA carboxylase gene (MCCA): cDNA sequence, genomic organization, localization to chromosomal band 3q27, and expression.  Genomics, 2000 in press.

American Society of Human Genetics 2000: f1440, f493

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