Public Acceptance for Genetically Engineered Organisms/Food Supplies:  Debates against Neo Luddism, Anti-Biotechs  English index   Japanese Version 

-Are Traditional Breedings absolutely safe and good for environment?-The greatest paradox of the century ever heard in Plant and food sciences.

Safety of traditional foods- turining out not safe-Brassica

Traditional Foods are not necessarily a solution for food safety-Poison in brassica familly, rape and its new bred, canola. and cabbage, califlower..etc.

China sows seeds of GM crop expansion

The commercial use of genetically modified crops in the United Kingdom-Effect on Farming, Wildlife, and Environment

Lumen Foods declared war against Greenpeace


Superior crops or 'Frankenfood'?-How different are they?

USA Congressional Hearings

Luddites and : Safe in the Ivory Tower?  

Genetically Modefied Foods may become "healthy" food.

Safety of Meat fed by Genetically Engineered Foods

Pioneer Hi-Bred & Genetically Enhanced Products

What is   Safety FOOD?

A book entitled "Silent Spring   (Rachel Carson 1962)" will also provide a mile stone for consequences of traditional breeding and agriculture with respect to our health and environment.  This work has done before emerging practical genetically engineered organisms, and was one of the reason why genetically modified organisms, especially pest or herbicide resistant plants have been seriously developed.   Therefore GMO can be considered as Saviors for desperate situation on the earth.   One who want to debate GMO, should read this book first.

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