Equipments in the Laboratoy of Molecular Cell Biology 980601

This is a list of euipments more than about $8000*****

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Farmacia ALF2,  jg?v???[?g?EZ?b?g????E?}

Protein sequencer (407A, ABI) also getting a new model in a departmental facillity

Bio-Hazard Room (P2)

All experimental rooms are airconditioned at 20 to 25 C 24 hr a day and all year round.

Cell Biological equipments

IP-Enhanced 300kV High Contrast Analytical Electron Microscope with frozen sample processing system







Light Microscopy

  1. Fluorescence MicroscopeiFXA with epi-fluorescence (G, B, BV, V, UV, and dual (G, B)‚u, Photon measurement (P1), Nikon)
  2. Stereo-zoom microscope (MZ8, Leica)
  3. Laser Microscopes (Zeiss and Merridian, located in other campus), also trying to get one by ourseves.



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