Laser Microscopy of Plant Cells


1. The Plant Cell Cytoskeleton (F-actin) stained with Rhodamine Phalloidin in pea stem cells

(Dark grown pea stem)

A Laser Confocal Microscopy of intact cells


B. Laser Confocal Microscopy of intact cells .

The Cytoskeleton Pellet from Peas isolated by CSB method.

Methods used for isolation of F-actin from plant cells and staining F-actin in vivo and in isolated pellets were described originally in :Abe S, Davies E. Isolation of F-actin from pea stems: Evidence from fluorescence microscopy. Protoplasma 163: 51-61.(1991) and reviewed in: Abe S and Davies E, Methods in Cell Biology 50B Home Page Chapter 16.

2. Protein body formation and the cytoskeleton in corn endosperm cells

From "A Look beyond transcription (Davies et al 1998)"



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