Section of Cytomics 1998.

   This is a new research field we proposed recently in Plant Science.

We study how cells are constructed and perform life in them. Our main interests are targeting and compartmentation of the protein sysnthesis and signal transduction on the cytoskeleton, especially in plant cells. We also intend to develop biotechnology to improve crops and their qualities.

Our main recent achievements are establishment of isolation of plant cytoskeleton fractions and fluorescence and electron microscopies of the cytoskeleton elements associated with ribosomes and membranes.

We use mainly pea stems and corn endosperms as model systems.  Stankovic B Clore A, Larkins BA, Abe S, Davies E (2000) Actin in protein synthesis and protein body formation. In: Actin: A dynamic framework for multiple plant cell functions. Baluska, Barlow, Staiger, Volkmann, eds. Kluwer Academic Publishers. Invited Review.Actin: A Dynamic Framework for Multiple Plant Cell Functions Chapter 8: Actin in Protein Synthesis and Protein Body  Formation.  ISBN 0-7923-6412-0

JEOL 300 kV TEM JEM3010HC  The first machine in the world. Laser confocal microscopy of pea cells stained with Rh-Phalloidin


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