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--A Milestone in Plant Biology

Novel components of   the plant cytoskeleton: A beginning to plant "cytomics ". Plant Science (160)2 (2001) pp. 185-196.

 Introduction of a novel pig in small size suitable for various animal testing fields and production of organs for transplanting therapy, Micro Mini Pig (MMP)  ORG

Acoustics of human voice and vocalizing method-Bigining of Quantum Notes-HOME Acoustics of human voice and vocalizing method-Bigining of Quantum Notes-HOME*** Wide-ranging vocalize method and its sound spectrum analyseWide-ranging vocalize method and its sound spectrum analyse
Forest acoustics- Location of acoustic bands used by human and other animals Natural Noises and their spectral ranging for human, animals, birds and insects-Forest Acoustics-Natural NoiseForest acoustics

Latest Publications: 

Shunnosuke Abe, Chhoun Chamnan, Kenichi Miyamoto, Yasutaka Minamino, and Makoto Nouda (2005). .Isolation and identification of 3-methylcrotonyl CoA carboxylase cDNAs and pyruvate carboxylase, and their expression in red seabream, Pagrus major organs.  Marine Biotechnology 2004 6(6)

Shunnosuke Abe, Shigeki Chiba, Neena Mishra, Yasutaka Minamino, Hiroko Nakasuji Masanori Doi and Todd A. Gray.  Origin and evolution of the genomic region encoding RAF1, MKRN2, PPARG, and SYN2 in human chromosome 3p25. Marine Biotechnology Volume 6S.    2004. S404-S412.

wpe1.jpg (1873 ???)Satoshi Kuroda, Yukio Hirose, Masaya Shiraishi, Eric Davies, Shunnosuke Abe. Co-expression of an ethylene receptor gene, ERS1, and ethylene signaling regulator gene, CTR1, in Delphinium during abscission of florets   Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 42:745-751 (2004).  The cover page has our colour picture too.


Origin and evolution of the Cat Eye Syndrome critical region in human chromosome 22q11.Shunnosuke Abe, Yusuke Kobayashi   CS-JSBBA2004, Tokushima

Other ublications:(Cuulative to date)

American Society of Human Genetics 2000: f1440, f493

USA Congressional Testimony on Recombinant DNA Technique
Public Acceptance Home   Genetically modified food for health

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We are essentially cell biologists investigating how life resides and performs its functions in the cell, and to develop how to design life. To full fill the objectives, we are also molecular biologists, biochemists, physiologists, and biophysicists.

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